The Moon, Saturn, Mars and Spica Team Up This Evening

Only a week or so ago, the Moon made a beautiful grouping with 2 planets (Venus and Jupiter) and a bright star (Aldebaran) in the early morning sky. Tonight (evening of July 24) the Moon will team up with a different collection of planets (Mars and Saturn) and a bright star (Spica).

Once it is dark enough to see some stars this evening, look to the SW. The chart below shows the relative positions of the objects. The bright star to the lower left of Saturn and upper left of the Moon is Spica. A B-type or blue giant, Spica is the 15th brightest star in the sky. It is located 260 light years away and produces as much light as 1500 Suns with a mass of 10 Suns.

View of the Moon-Mars-Saturn-Spica grouping in the SW sky during the evening of July 24. Credit: Carl Hergenrother (chart made with Stellarium)



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