Nov 21/22/23/24 Meteors

Nightly rates remain high which is not unusual for this time of the year. The brightening Moon should start to suppress the number of meteors which can be seen.

Bob’ notes for the night of Nov 23/24 : “It was a brilliantly clear night and meteor rates were near what is expected this time of year.”

… for the night of Nov 22/23 : “Skies cleared up nicely compared to last night. Meteor totals were a bit less than what was expected with the nice, transparent skies.”

… for the night of Nov 21/22 : “Clouds largely spoiled tonight’s observations. The start was delayed by clouds. The sky cleared near 9pm PST and it remained mostly clear for the next 4 hours. It clouded up again near 1am PST and remained cloudy the remainder of the night.”

Obs  Date(UT)      Time    TOT SPO NTA STA LEO AMO NOO AND
TUS  2009-11-24   11h35m    47  25  7   1   7   3   2   2
SDG  2009-11-24   11h49m    66  49  7   -   4   1   3   2
TUS  2009-11-23   11h20m    54  36  1   4   6   5   2   0
SDG  2009-11-23   11h46m    51  36  7   -   2   2   3   1
TUS  2009-11-22   11h34m    47  29  3   1   4   5   4   1
SDG  2009-11-22   04h00m    11  5   3   -   0   1   2   0

TUS – Camera in Tucson operated by Carl Hergenrother
SDG – Camera in San Diego operated by Bob Lunsford
TotTime – Total amount of time each camera looked for meteors
TOT – Total number of meteors detected
SPO – Sporadics (meteors not affiliated with any particular meteor shower)
NTA/STA – Northern and Southern Taurids (includes Antihelions)
LEO – Leonids
AMO – Alpha Monocerotids
NOO – November Orionids
AND – Andromedids


  1. On early thanksgiving morning approx 1:45am nov/26/2009 i seen what appeard to be a falling burning object just NW of the I75/galbrith rd exit(mile marker 10).from Heartwell ,it looked like it fell just north of compton rd as you head west up compton hill from springfield pike. MAN i swear it was close and fell strait on the bottom side the rest was white with a white tail.dont know who to tell,so ill just submit it here.
    probably a metiorite.
    HOWEVER 2008 much farther NW of the same location ,my friend and i observed somthing different /somthing opposite of this (a few back to back shooting UPWARDS /5 maybe ,like fireworks but way bigger/ seconds apart,again dont know who to tell. comments welcome.z1inspector at aol

  2. I was on the way back home from Huntsville, AL to Birmingham, AL from a Vanilla Ice show at Sammy T’s going west on I565 and saw the same thing about 40 deg on the horizon to my left. Large green streak, Thought it was a flare at 1st.

    Very neat looking!

  3. On Nov 29 at 7:20, I saw a sharply delineated, perfectly round burning ball pass southward over my house in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The sun was just rising so perhaps that’s why it looked so sharp. It looked VERY close!

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