A Bright Nova in Sagattarius

Yet another nova has been spotted in the Sagittarius. This makes the 4th nova detected in that constellation this year.

This one is a bit brighter than the others making it an easy target for small telescope users. Even small binocular observers under dark skies will be able to spot it.

Nova Sgr 2012 No. 4 (also known as PNV J18202726-2744263) is around magnitude 8.0 give or take a few tenths of a magnitude. It is very possible that the nova has already begun its decline phase and may be a bit fainter (~8.5). The nova is located at

RA = 18h 20m 27s.26   Decl = -27° 44′ 26″.3  (2000.0).

More info on the nova and how to produce finder charts can be found on the AAVSO Special Notice #289.