Feb 3/4 Meteors

There were a few wisps of cirrus throughout the night but most of the clouds stayed away. In Tucson, meteor rates dropped back down to normal. In San Diego it was another night of elevated rates.

From Bob’s notes: “The high clouds that were present all day dissipated soon after sunset. By 8pm PST, it was completely clear. A few wisps appeared during the night, but no enough to reduce the meteor activity. Rates were again above normal with 40 meteors recorded tonight. ”

Obs  Date (UT)   TotTime TOT SPO ANT ACE
TUS  2009-02-04  11h 16m  14  10  3   1
SDG  2009-02-04  09h 24m  40  37  2   1

TUS – Camera in Tucson operated by Carl Hergenrother
SDG – Camera in San Diego operated by Bob Lunsford
TotTime – Total amount of time each camera looked for meteors
TOT – Total number of meteors detected
SPO – Sporadics (meteors not affiliated with any particular meteor shower)
ANT – Antihelions
ACE – Alpha Centaurids


  1. Hey dude im commenting this because for the first time i saw a meteor big as life over Indiana in between Demotte and Rensselaer. On Feb 3 around 9:05 pm. I was driving home and saw it going west for five seconds. Man was i starstrucked !!!! it was a huge white ball and you could actually see flames coming out of the tail man. it was awsome thank god you have this so i can share what i saw.

  2. I was looking up a meteorite that was reported and i read Jaime Thordsen report. Was that report given today feb 3 2010 – the reason i ask is the date, time, stamp it says feb 16 2009-

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