Meteor Activity Outlook for March 8-14, 2014

The Meteor Activity Outlook for the period 2014 February 15-21 has been posted by Bob Lunsford on the American Meteor Society website.

The Outlook has details on meteors from the Antihelion region and the following showers: Northern March Virginids (NVI), Gamma Normids (GNO), IMO Shower #37 and the Xi Herculids (XHE).


  1. Hi, i am from the Seychelles islands, in the Indian ocean, specifically on the main island of Seychelles, Mahe island. On the 8th March 2014 around 8:30 pm Seychelles time, my brother and i heard a small explosion and a few seconds later saw a bright object shooting across the sky burning with green flames,slowly decreasing in size. The green flames turned into blue flames and then into a red small red ball and exploded into smalls pieces then disappeared. Was it a meteorite?

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