Meteor Activity Outlook for February 22-28, 2014

The Meteor Activity Outlook for the period 2014 February 15-21 has been posted by Bob Lunsford on the American Meteor Society website.

The Outlook has details on meteors from the Antihelion region and the following showers: Gamma Normids (GNO).


  1. Am I the only person who saw what looked like a ball of colourful fire falling from the sky last night?
    I can see anything about it anywhere and it was so big and colourful and fast. Going from red to green and yellow ect then just when it looked like it was going to hit it vanished! Like it was never there at all ? Did anyone see it???

  2. My grandson and I both saw it. It looked like fragments were breaking off as it streaked across the Virginia sky moving what I think was southwest.

  3. yes, I saw it. I’m in WI and and it looked like a star that was moving in the sky and then just disappeared in the eastern sky. Pretty cool, but no colors from my view – just white then gone.

  4. There have been lots of bright fireballs observed over the past few days. In fact, February through April seem to experience more bright fireballs than usual.

    Nina, Dan and Tony, it is unlikely that you all saw the same fireball since the typical fireball is only 50-100 km in altitude and wouldn’t be visible from over the distances from Canada, Wisconsin and Virginia.

    Please check out the American Meteor Society’s (AMS) Fireball log at

    to find the fireball you saw. I also suggest that you file a report with the AMS at

    Reporting is easy and every observations helps.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!

    – Carl

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