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  1. Hi Carl – I thought something didn’t ‘jive’ with the times and my planetary program….but I eventually got it configured to occur on Sunday evening and even got the occultation recorded on mini-DVD; I’m down in Palominas, AZ (west of Bisbee, and SE of both Sierra Vista and Tucson). I also have the geographical coordinates recorded as a GPS time/date on the recording using a time inserter named KIWI. Can send you a copy of the recording if someone wants to review it; I have to review it myself and get the ‘exact’ time of the disappearance – I won’t be able to get the reappearance as my observatory walls are too high. For a telescope, I’m using a Meade 14″, a f/3.3 focal reducer, a small video camera and recording to a Canon DC-50 Camcorder. I am a subscriber to your posts and am also a member of IOTA.

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