Venus and Jupiter Put on an Early Morning Show

[Editor’s note: I notice that lots of people are still finding this now a few years old post. If you are trying to find out what those bright stars in the eastern morning sky are (Sep/Oct 2015), go to the front page of this blog at for the latest posts.]

I see there have been lots of searches recently about the 2 bright ‘stars’ in the early morning eastern sky.

The show is being put on by the planets Venus (the brighter and lower one) and Jupiter. Also in line with the two is the Pleiades open star cluster (above the 2 planets) and Aldebaran , the brightest star in Taurus (below the two planets). The two planets will spend the next few weeks close together. On the morning of July 15 a thin crescent Moon will add even more to the show.

So for all of you early risers out there who have been watching these two, congratulations. As for the rest of us (myself included), set your clocks for an hour before sunrise, find a clear view of the eastern horizon and enjoy the show.

A chart of Venus and Jupiter an hour or so before sunrise on the morning of 2012 June 30. Credit: Carl Hergenrother/Stellarium.


  1. caught the early morning view from southcentral Iowa…wasnt sure what I was looking at until now?! Cant wait till the cresent moon adds to the show! Awwwwwesome!

  2. Great info; thanks. Have been seeing this on my way to work in southern Spain. Shall bookmark this blog. Meanwhile, eagerly await the 15th

  3. Saw the display on Sunday morning. Wow! Wish I had had my camera with me…

    Was ther an actual occultation, or just a graze? Jupiter was literally touching the dark limb.

  4. What is the small star that seems to just righ of venus…looks almost as if its touching the planet
    .or am i seeing

  5. What is the very bright star or planet low in the eastern sky at 5am in the morning in northern illinois September 20, 2012. It was so bright I thought it was a plane landing but it continued to rise as sunrise approached. Is it Venus or magnificent star Sirius?

  6. yeah what is that very bright star in eastern sky? saw it this morning at 6am walking out in outskirts of amsterdam..

  7. yeah i saw a very bright star in eastern sky this morning? saw it around 5am walking my dogs. Sasebo, Japan

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