Total Lunar Eclipse Tonight

The astronomical event of the month is Tuesday morning’s Total Lunar Eclipse. With the Moon riding high in the sky near the border of Taurus and Gemini, the eclipse is perfectly placed for observers in North America.

Check out the Shadows and Substance site for animations and graphics about tonight’s eclipse.

The table below lists times for all 4 American time zones. Though the penumbral part of the eclipse starts at 5:28 UT, most people won’t see a noticeable darkening of the Moon until sometime around 6:00 UT.

                              UT    EST     CST     MST     PST
Start of Penumbral Eclipse   5:28  12:28a  11:28p  10:28p   9:28p 
Start of Partial Eclipse     6:32   1:32a  12:32a  11:32p  10:32p
Start of Total Eclipse       7:40   2:40a   1:40a  12:40a  11:40p
Mid-Eclipse                  8:17   3:17a   2:17a   1:17a  12:17a
End of Total Eclipse         8:54   3:54a   2:54a   1:54a  12:54a
End of Partial Eclipse      10:02   5:02a   4:02a   3:02a   2:02a
End of Penumbral Eclipse    11:06   6:06a   5:06a   4:06a   3:06a


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