Geminids Peak – First Observing Session

The moon is still up, most of the neighbors still have their Christmas lights on full blast and the Geminid radiant is still on the low side and yet the Geminids are already putting on a great show.

During the hour between 10:48 pm (5:48 UT) and 11:48 pm (6:48 UT), I counted 43 meteors of which 35 were Geminids. All this under a rather bright +5.0 magnitude sky. The Geminids came in bunches with 6 seen over 2 minutes at one point (including 2 simultaneously) while earlier in the session nearly 6 minutes went by without a meteor. The best meteor of the night so far was not a Geminid but a -3 Sporadic.

I’ll try to get out there again after the Moon sets and the sky is a little darker.

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