Geminids – First Session Results

I was able to spend ~40 minutes watching the Geminids so far tonight. This first session lasted from 11:43 pm (6:43 UT) till 12:28 am (7:28 UT). With a limiting magnitude of +5.4, I counted 23 meteors with 13 being Geminids and 10 being non-Geminids (I wasn’t keeping track of any of the other showers so these go in the log as Sporadics). Based on a total observing time of ~0.7 hours, limiting magnitude of +5.4, field correction of 1.11, r population index of 2.6, radiant elevation of 60° and number of Geminids seen of 13, my quick ZHR calculation gives a ZHR of ~68. That’s about half of what the rate should be tomorrow morning.

If the weather holds out (there is some cirrus around) and my little newborns let me I’ll try to get in another session or two tonight.

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