Early Perseids results

Early esults from Europe suggest a ZHR of 80-100 for the Perseids. This doesn’t mean you’ll see 80-100 Perseids per hour because that number assumes a dark sky and the radiant overhead. Still this does correspond to good rates for those of us in the US.

I just spent little over an hour outside (10:35-11:45 pm) and spotted 15 Perseids under a moderately bright sky with a limiting magnitude of +5.4. These numbers confirm that the ZHR is around 80. This all bodes well for a great display in a few hours when the radiant is much higher in the sky.

Watch the live ZHR update at the IMO.


  1. I’m confused; saw quite a few meteors from 2-4 a.m. Thursday morning AZ time, and read an article in AZ Central [quoting an editor at Sky and Telescope magazine] stating the best time to see the “big show” in Arizona was this morning, Friday, from 2-5 a.m.

    However, though I’ve seen a few meteors this morning, haven’t seen nearly as many as yesterday.
    Wondering now if the main shower was earlier–maybe around midnight? Feel sick to think I’ve missed the best show in years while sitting in my office working, when I should have been outside viewing. Glad I saw what I did yesterday, since that might be it for me!

    Not giving up yet, though; going to keep watching for another hour or so.

  2. Well, I was watching to the NE from 1200-0200 local Tucson time early Friday morning and only saw a total of 6. I am one air mile from the entrance of Saguaro NP East Unit at he base of the Rincons and had dark skies. Did I do something wrong? Looking the wrong way? Am very disappointed.

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