Partial Lunar Eclipse Tonight

Sheesh… I almost forgot. Tonight a partial lunar eclipse will occur over much of North and South America, the entire Pacific Basin, and eastern Asia.

The Moon will enter the umbra (darkest part of the Earth’s shadow) at 10:16 UT (6:16 EDT, 3:16 PDT) on June 26. Mid-eclipse occur at 11:38 UT (4:38 PDT). The Moon leaves the umbra at 12:59 UT (5:59 PDT).

The eclipse is partial because only about 50% of the Moon will be in the dark umbral shadow of the Earth.

For more info see NASA’s page on the eclipse here.

Looking ahead, mark December 21/22 on your calendar. On that night a total Lunar eclipse will be visible high in the sky over all of North America.


  1. I am in central texas and would love to watch the eclipse. Do you know what time I can see it?

    Thank you

    1. We’re in Central Tx, just SE of San Antonio and it’s happening now…..It’s very cloudy and it’s fading in and out….

    2. It’s actually 1:04 am now…..on Dec 21, 2010–happening now…cloudy conditions, but can see it at times.

  2. A friend told me about the eclipse tonight and said that two things would be happening that hadn’t happened for 400 things. Unfortunately, she can’t remember what those things are. Can you help?

    1. Hi Sunny,

      It’s been 372 years since a total lunar eclipse happened on the winter solstice. That seems rare but remember that there is usually only 1 total lunar eclipse per year and 365 days in the year. So on average you would only expect a lunar eclipse to occur on any particular day about once every 365 years.

      Still it’s cool to see the Moon riding as high in the sky as it can get (assuming your in the Northern Hemisphere and it isn’t cloudy like it is for most of the US tonight).

      – Carl

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