Dec 22/23 Meteors

A relatively strong (at least for AZ) storm moved through the region over the past few nights. Similar to the storm from a few weeks back, one of my cameras again suffered from condensation in its lens. The problem is not the lenses but my all-weather enclosure which is no longer “all-weather”. For the time being, I’ll be down to a single camera again until after the holidays when I’ll have time to fix the faulty enclosure.

The aforementioned storm shut me out for a 2nd straight night. Luckily the storm had moved far enough to the east to allow Bob to get some good data.

Bob’s notes from the night of Dec 22/23 : “Clouds and rain prevented any useful video observations on the 22nd, which was bad timing as this was the maximum night for the Ursid meteor shower. The skies cleared near midnight last night and remained clear the remainder of the morning. Meteor rates varied significantly without any rhyme or reason. No Ursids remained from the maximum that occurred the previous morning.”

Due to the holidays, postings will be sparse. If anything exciting happens I’ll put something out. Until then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Obs  Date(UT)      Time    TOT SPO ANT DLM URS
TUS  2009-12-23   00h 00m  No meteors - Clouds/Rain
SDG  2009-12-23   05h 42m   43  36  4   3   0 

TUS - Camera in Tucson operated by Carl Hergenrother
SDG - Camera in San Diego operated by Bob Lunsford
TotTime - Total amount of time each camera looked for meteors
TOT - Total number of meteors detected
SPO - Sporadics (meteors not affiliated with any particular meteor shower)
ANT - Antihelions
DLM - December Leonis Minorids
URS - Ursids