2 Fireballs over British Columbia – November 7

Northern California residents weren’t the only folks who witnessed a brilliant fireball last Friday night. Not one but two fireballs were seen over southern British Columbia. The first fireball occurred at 7:03 pm PST and is the topic of a story on CBC News. The 2nd fireball happened at 7:44 pm PST.

Dave Balam of the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory near Victoria, British Columbia sent an image of the 2nd fireball taken with the Observatory’s all-sky camera. (Thanks, Dave!) The brilliance of the fireball is evident by the fact that the sky was completely cloudy at the time. Even with the clouds and rain drops, the fireball is easily visible as it moved across the sky.

Fireball seen over Dominion Astrophyiscal Observatory on Nov. 7 at 7:44 pm PST. Credit: Dave Balam/Dominion Astrophysical Observatory