Update on the Vancouver/Seattle Fireball

There have been more reports of Saturday night’s brilliant fireball seen over British Columbia, Washington and Oregon. The reports were submitted to the American Meteor Society’s Fireball page and to this blog. The fireball was seen as far south as SW Oregon and as far north as southern BC. All observers reported that the fireball moved in roughly an East to West direction and everyone last sighted the fireball to their West.

The map below shows where the fireball was seen. I have labeled those reports that gave a sighting to the north (N) or south (S) of their position.


Zooming in on the Vancouver/Seattle area shows that the boundary between sightings to the North and to the South is near the US/Canada border. This is a good indication that the fireball flew over the border. Interestingly, there is a report of a delayed sonic boom in the Sproat Lake area on Vancouver Island (denoted with a yellow star in the zoomed map).



  1. i was living in bella coola B.C. i think about 1999, and i was lucky to get to see a fire ball. at first i thought it was a jet on fire going down, and i was expecting to see it hit the mtn, but it kept on going, i thought maybe it would hit,and i would fell it or hear the impact, but i guess it burnt it self out, it came from the south and headed north, was very loud. fire, and a black smoke trail, was the most amazing sighting. lol, 🙂

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