Another image of the Jupiter Impact

Bob Lunsford has sent in another photo of Jupiter and its new impact spot. The photo was taken a few hours before the one shown in the More on the Jupiter Impact posting.

Bob writes: “Here is another picture taken at 7:54 UT on the 21st. The spot is just past the central meridian high in the southern latitudes. Also of interest is the white spot located just to the lower right. Although it looks like a processing artifact, it is real, as it appeared in all  three pictures taken near that time.”

The image is upside down so the spot which is located near Jupiter’s south pole is actually located near the top of the planet in the image. It is by far the darkest cloud feature on Jupiter’s disk.

Jupiter and its dark impact spot as imaged by Bob Lunsford with his 9.25" SCT on 2009 July 21 at 07:54 UT. Image credit: Bob Lunsford.


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