Comparing the so. AZ fireball to the 1992 Peekskill fireball

For those who didn’t see the fireball or want to (sort of) relive it, here is a video of a similar event. Note, this is NOT a video of last Tuesday’s fireball but a video of the Peekskill meteorite fall from October 9, 1992.

That fireball was observed up and down the east coast and was one of the best documented fireballs in history. The reason, it was a Friday evening during High School football season and there were lots of folks with camcorders taping games. Eventually the small meteorite that remained landed in the trunk of a car in Peekskill, NY. For more on that fireball and what we learned see this nice summary.

The so. AZ fireball looked very similar to the Peekskill one. The colors are a close match with the head of the main fireball and pieces a brilliant blue-green while the long tails appeared reddish. Both fireballs also produced many fragments which broke off the main body and quickly fell behind.

Based on my own recollection, Tuesday’s fireball didn’t last as long as Peekskill or move as far across the sky but it had many more fragments.

So for those who missed it, here’s what a similar event looked like. And for those who saw it, I hope it brings back some good memories.