Comet Lulin Flys By Saturn

A quick reminder that bright Comet Lulin will be easy to locate tonight as it passes within a few degrees of Saturn. The comet is currently around 5th magnitude. This means observers at dark rural sites will be able to see the comet with their naked eyes as a faint glow. Observers in suburban and urban settings will be able to see the comet with small binoculars. Of course, if you have a telescope the view will be even better.

The comet will still be close (though moving away from) Saturn over the next few days.

If anyone gets a nice picture of the Comet and/or Saturn and wishes to share them, post a link to the image in the comments section and I’ll include them in a future posting.

Sky chart showing the position of Comet Lulin and Saturn for 10 pm on the night of Feb 23. Chart produced with the Stellarium software (

More on Comet Lulin can be found here at the “In The Sky This Month – February 2009” post.

A higher resolution finder chart for observers with binoculars or telescopes can be found at Heavens Above.

A great series of images can be found at

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