Jan 10/11 Meteors

The Full Moon continues to make meteor observing difficult. With only 7 meteors detected during the entire night, last night was the lowest tally for an entire clear night since early June. Conditions should improve in a few days as the moon decreases in brightness and also moves south and out of the field of view of my camera.

From Bob’s notes: “The full moon continues to obscure the fainter activity resulting in rates of only 1/2 of normal for this time of year.”

Obs  Date (UT)   TotTime TOT SPO ANT COM
TUS  2009-01-11  12h 03m  7   7   0   0
SDG  2009-01-11  11h 55m  28  22  3   3

TUS – Camera in Tucson operated by Carl Hergenrother
SDG – Camera in San Diego operated by Bob Lunsford
TotTime – Total amount of time each camera looked for meteors
TOT – Total number of meteors detected
SPO – Sporadics (meteors not affiliated with any particular meteor shower)
ANT – Antihelions
COM – Coma Berenicids