Major Fireball Over Canada – Nov 20

An extremely impressive fireball was seen over the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta on Thursday evening, November 20. Whether the fireball was due to a small asteroid or a piece of man-made space junk is not clear. The fact that no large pieces of space junk were known to have re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere at that time points to an asteroid being the culprit.

A video has been posted to YouTube and is linked below.

Some more details and a better version of the above video can be found at

Frame by frame breakdown of the video at the Kingston Centre of Royal Astronomical Society of Canada page.

Large number of reports collected by Bruce McCurdy and posted on the meteorobs Yahoo Groups list.

[NEW] A few more videos for downloading:

All-sky camera video from Alister Ling of Edmonton

Dashboard camera video from a peace officier vehicle at Devon AB southwest of Edmonton.


  1. I saw it while driving east on Interstate 20 as I passed from Texas into Louisiana near Waskom, TX between 5:15-5:30pm central time. Long tail with a blue/green fireball. Lasted 3-4 seconds. Thought it was a LARGE firework at first.

  2. Daisy Moreau-November 23, 2008
    On November 20, 2008, my two grandson and I were watching their helium filled balloon fly away in Alexandria, La.. The time was 5:35 p.m.and the most beautiful comet flew across the sky. It was a bright blue with green and a fire tail of red, orange and yellow. It took out breath away. My youngest grandson Hayden said, “Oh, look, someone is shooting fireworks”. Not believing my eyes, I asked the older grandson, Garrett, “What color was that?”, He said all the primary colors. We have tried to draw and color it but nothing we drew could even come close to the beauty in the sky. When Hayden let his balloon go, we said it was going up to heaven to my mother, their great grandmother, then when we saw the comet we just knew in our hearts that my Mother threw us a star.

  3. Mr. Hergenrother,

    Isn’t there a consortium that tracked 2008 TC3 a month ago, using tools like the infrasound detectors and radar to detect the passing of an object? If so, would they be able to take some of the guesswork out of what it was and where parts of it (may have) landed? Also, since they’re doing such tracking, why do you suppose that one as obvious and large as this may have slipped through?

  4. I saw this from my living room window in Phoenix, AZ. Very cool. At first I thought it was a plane crshing. It looked so close!

  5. Did it not come from the direction of Leo near the North-Northwest horizon? An amateur astronomer in Canada who witnessed it said it was travelling in a South-Southeasterly direction.

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