Sept 28/29/30 Meteors

The past two nights were a mixed bag. The night of the 28/29th was good with 24 meteors detected. Last night was plagued by cirrus all night long. That cut down on the number of meteors which could be seen.

Date           TotalTime  TOT  SPO  NTA  STA  DAU
2008-09-29 UT   10h 24m    24   20   1    3    0
2008-09-30 UT   10h 27h     5    3   0    0    2

TOT – total # of meteors detected
SPO – Sporadics (meteors not affiliated with any particular meteor shower)
NTA – Northern Taurids
STA – Southern Taurids
DAU – δ-Aurigids (Delta Aurigids)


  1. Sept. 30 6:03 AM looking south toward Orion a short lived but very bright meteor was heading directly north to south just west of Bellatrix and Rigel

  2. Hello,

    At 0635hrs on Monday 29 September 2008 – in Le Marecotte, Martigny, Switzerland. We saw what we think was a fireball or meteorite moving from northwest-ish in a straight and parallel line to the horizon. It was extremely bright, a reddish front part with a long trail and seemed to last an eternity until it sort of disappeared. It was a really wonderful thing to see. I wonder if anyone else saw it.

    Neither or us are experts but it certainly wasn’t a plane.

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